2023 Happiness Plant-based Bak Kwa 500g Chilled

2023 Happiness Plant-based Bak Kwa (500g) (Chilled)

植物肉肉干 (500克)(冷藏)


Storage Instructions 保存指示:

  1. Keep chilled at 4°C and below. 保存在冷藏冰箱 ≤ 4°C。

  2. Do not place product under direct sunlight or store at room temperature. 购买后,避免将产品储存在阳光植入高温下或存放在室内常温下。
  3. Best consumed before expiry date. 请在有效期前使用。

Reheating Instructions:
Option 1: Boiling Water

  • Pour boiling water into a bowl 将沸腾热水倒入碗中
  • Place small packets of Bak Kwa in the bowl for 3 – 5 minutes. 将小包肉干放入碗中3至5 分钟。
  • Remove Bak Kwa from the bowl and dab dry with tissue paper/cloth 从碗中取出肉干,用纸巾/布轻轻擦干
  • Open the package and enjoy! 打开包装即可享用!

Mushroom, Maltose, Pea Protein, Jackfruit, Sugar, Sunflower/Sesame Oil Blend, Plant Fibres (Oat Fibre, Psyllium Husk, Potato Fibre), Soy Sauce, Wheat Gluten, Konnyaku Jelly Powder, Red Yeast Powder, Vegan Fish Sauce, Flavours Enhancers.

Product contains cereals, products containing gluten, sesame seed, sesame seed products, soybean and soybean products.

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