8 Mini Treasures

8 Mini Treasures

迷你八宝 (低糖)

Eight Mini Treasures showcases two new baked renditions that contain less sugar but are brimming with flavour. Oolong Pu’er possesses the robustness of pu’er black tea and the delicate and alluring fragrance of oolong, while Black sesame & lotus is redolent of the toasty and nutty notes and aroma of the dark seed. 

今年特别新推出的迷你八宝烘皮月饼 呈现两款低糖却又味道浓郁的迷你烘皮月饼口味。乌龙普洱带有普洱红茶和乌龙茶的细腻诱人淡淡的茶香,而莲蓉黑芝麻散发的香气,更让人难以抗拒。

  • 4 x Mini Traditional Baked Oolong Pu'er Mooncakes (低糖) 迷你传统烘皮乌龙普洱烘皮月饼
  • 4 x Mini Traditional Baked Black Sesame & Lotus Mooncakes (低糖) 迷你传统烘皮黑芝麻莲蓉烘皮月饼

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*Kindly take note that the collection is only available from 7 Aug - 13 Sep 2019 at selected outlets.