Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot (Small) (Good for 5 pax)


Savour and feast to your heart's content with stacked treasure trove of goodness fit for royalty. Filled with 20 different premium ingredients including Whole 10-head Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Superior Fish Maw, Fresh Prawn, Scallop, Shiitake Mushroom, Conpoy, Dried Oyster, Pork Knuckle, Pork Tendons, Roasted Duck Breast, Roasted Pork, Lotus Root, Deep-fried Yam, Black Fungus, Fish Curd, Cabbage, Seafood Beancurd Rolls, Abalone Sauce and Black Moss.

新春佳节,翡翠特地预备了丰富的上等海味盆菜与你度过一个大肥年。20款不同的精致材料,您可一层一层的细细品尝,盆菜包括10头鮑鱼,海参,上等鱼鳔,美人虾,带子,花菇,干贝,金蚝,  元蹄,猪蹄筋, 烧鸭胸,烧肉,莲藕片,炸芋头,云耳,鱼腐,津白, 海鲜腐竹卷, 鮑魚汁 及发菜。

*Important: Please note that this item will be frozen at the point of collection. l 领取时请注意盆菜将会是冷冻的。
*This item is only available at Crystal Jade Pavilion, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao & selected CJ GO outlets
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