Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐

  • Portion: Good for 2 - 3 person

  • Preparation Time: Approx. 10 mins

  • Ingredients:
    1. Box of Tofu
    2. Minced Pork
    3. Chopped Garlic, Chopped Shallot & Diced Mushroom
    4. Mapo Tofu Sauce

  • Method of Preparation: 
    STEP 1:
    Remove #1 from box, slice horizontally across followed by vertically into cubes (5x5) and set aside for use.
    将#1 横刀切成两边,然后直刀与横刀把豆腐切成小方块备用。

    STEP 2:
    Heat up frying pan and add in 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. Add in #2, and pan-fry using high heat till fully cooked and golden brown. Add in #3 and continue to stir-fry.
    把平底锅烧开,加入1汤匙菜油把#2 以大火煎香至金黄色,同时加入#3 继续炒香。

    STEP 3:
    Add in #4, stir evenly and add in #1 with 150ml of water. Simmer with medium heat for approximately 3-4 minutes.
    加入#4 搅拌均匀,再加入#1 与150克的清水转中火焖煮约 3-4分钟。


*Kindly note that some of the ingredients will be chilled/frozen at the point of collection.
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