Premium Opulence 3-head Abalone Yu Sheng

[Premium] Opulence 3-head Abalone Yu Sheng


Lightly torched 3-head Abalone slices, Jellyfish and Tobiko crown this delightful ensemble. Toss to a brilliant and great year with ingredients the likes of Red Dragonfruit, Pomelo, Mandarin Orange, Pickled Cucumbers and Sweet Ginger, Dried Yuzu Peel, Chickpeas and Walnuts among others, with deep-fried Yam Strips, Hsin Chu bee hoon and gold flakes as the final flourish, paired with a refreshing Roselle Yuzu dressing.

轻微灼烧3 头鲍鱼片、海蜇丝和 日本飞鱼子为这道贺年菜增光添彩。合增光添彩。用红火龙果、柚肉、桔子、腌小青瓜和甜姜、干柚子皮、鹰嘴豆和核桃等配料,搭配炸芋头条、新竹米粉和金箔,及清爽特制洛神花柚子酱,迎接辉煌灿烂的一年。

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